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  • Glossybox: December

    I signed up to Glossybox in December and received their Christmas edition with Dusty Boy. I’ve reviewed the contents, check out my thoughts!

  • Glossybox: Secret Santa

    I signed up to Glossybox in December and received their Secret Santa Glossybox. I’ve reviewed the contents – take a look!

  • Walking in a Winter Wonderland

    You may have heard about all the snow in the UK right now. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying it today!

  • Guest Blogger LoneTeenTraveller: 6 Beauty Travel Essentials

    I am proud to be collaborating with LoneTeenTraveller blogger Meera, a travel, fashion and lifestyle blogger who has written about her beauty must-haves when she’s out seeing the world!
    After travelling all over the place from Singapore, Thailand and Bali to Australia and New Zealand, this girl knows a thing or two about what not to pack, and what you can’t go without!

  • Face Favourites

    My motivation today is basically nil, I’ve had a terrible morning and I honestly wasn’t going to post anything today because of it.
But I had a shower and I did a bit of face pampering, and as I was using all of these products, I decided that I would post something today about what I’ve used and why it’s one of my favourites.

  • Hair cuts, dyes and styles: A History

    Over the years I have had my fair share of different hairstyles. As a child, I kept my hair fairly long, until I managed to convince my mum to let me chop it all off (went from hip to shoulder length!) and since then my hair has yo-yo’d in length and been a rainbow of colour. 
I think I like to dye and change my hair so much because it’s a way of expressing myself. I’m an incredibly creative person, but I’ve also always been very anxious and lacked confidence, so my hair was something I could change and make as dramatic as I wanted, whenever I wanted.

  • Self Care, Anxiety and why I hate the Media

    Hello my lovelies!

    Yesterday I noticed that #selfcareweek was trending on twitter, and after a quick google it turns out that yes, this week (Mon 13 Nov – Sun 19 Nov) is National Self Care Week in the UK.

    Now I will be the very first to put my hand up and admit – I am terrible at self care….