Skincare for Beginners – Dehydrated


Dehydrated skin is usually a sign that you’re not getting enough H2O. It can be cause by environmental factors – cold weather for example, but it’s usually due to a poor diet or excessive consumption of caffeine and alcohol.

It’s important to know the difference between dehydrated and dry skin. You can have dehydrated skin even if it’s very oily, because it’s due to a lack of water rather than sebum.

It’s also important to note that dehydrated skin is a condition, not a defined skin type. This, thankfully, means you can relieve your skin of dehydration and it should only be a temporary problem!

You can tell if you have dehydrated skin by the state of your complexion. It will most likely look dull and tired with pronounced fine lines and wrinkles. It may feel more sensitive than normal, feel tight and have itchy, dry patches.

Before using any products, consider the reasons why your skin is dehydrated.
Have you been drinking enough water? Have you drank a lot of coffee or been out drinking heavily recently? Are you eating enough fresh fruit and veg? Has the weather turned cold with harsh winds? Or is it the height of summer and you’re spending a lot of time in air conditioned buildings?
All of these can cause dehydrated skin, so begin your return to a glowing complexion by ensuring you’re hydrated and eating well.

As for the weather, you can help protect your skin by using hydrating and nourishing products.

For cleansing your face, I would recommend Nivea Daily Essentials 2 in 1 Cleanser and Toner (Superdrug £3.59) which, although for Normal/Combination skin, I do find it to feel quite moisturising as well as cleansing.
I featured this cleanser in my Face Favourites post, and while it’s no longer part of my current routine while I use my Glossier set, I would still happily recommend it for make-up removal and a deep cleansing.

How to use:
You can either massage this into your skin using your fingertips, or apply to cotton wool pads to remove your make-up. Make sure you remove all excess product with either cotton wool pads or by rinsing with warm water.

When it comes to moisturising dehydrated skin, a product I have had the pleasure of using before is Clarins Hydra-Essentiel Rich Cream for Very Dry Skin ( – £30.60) and while I realise it’s not your average drugstore brand, if your skin really is suffering, particularly due to environmental factors, then I cannot recommend it enough.

Image: MakeupAlley

My step-dad purchased this for me from Macys when he visited New York a while back. I’d never used Clarins before and if it wasn’t for the fact it’s not quite budget-friendly, I would definitely be purchasing from their range on a regular basis.

It’s not greasy, feels light and instantly hydrating. It smells lovely and leaves your skin feeling soft and looking bright.

How to use:
Take a small amount and massage into the face and neck in small circles.

As well as your regular moisturiser, I recommend using a moisture mask such as La Roche-Posay Hydraphase Moisture Mask (Superdrug – £15.99) a couple of times a week to ensure you’re really hydrating your skin.


I used to have to use moisture masks a LOT when I was doing my make-up course at college. The constant application and removal of make-up on a daily basis really made your skin dry and dehydrated, and it became very noticeable when using theatrical face paint as your skin would suck up all the water and leave discoloured patches!
I highly recommend them as a weekly treatment, and they’re ideal for moisturising specific areas of your face that your regular moisturiser can’t relieve.

How to use:
Simply apply generously to your face using your finger tips and leave to sit for about 10 minutes. You should notice the driest and most dehydrated areas of your face absorb the moisturiser and the less dehydrated areas will have some excess remaining. Remove this with a cotton pad.

While maintaining a nourishing, moisturising skincare routine, make sure that you are eating plenty of fruits and vegetables and drinking enough water. While skincare products can help relieve symptoms of dehydrated skin, a healthy diet can actually improve dehydrated skin from the source – you!

Eating healthily not only improves your overall health and clarity of your complexion, but can help to balance out hormones and drinking plenty of water helps your liver flush out toxins.

If you live in the north or experience cold, dark winters like we do here in Britain, I also recommend you take a Vitamin D supplement, as we usually absorb this from the sun’s radiation and it can affect our skin if we don’t get enough.
Please consult a doctor before taking Vitamin D supplements. 

When it comes to any particular skin type, it is important to remember that there is no quick fix. You may have to trial several products before you find the one that’s right for you, and this can be a long and disheartening process. But you must stick to it, because it is so worth it once you finally find the regime and products that work for you.

I have chosen to suggest mostly drugstore brands as I feel they will be more readily available and affordable for my readers. If you have used a more high end product that has worked really well, please recommend it in the comments!

You can find out more about other skin types by visiting the Directory. The directory will be complete by the 28/01/2018.


  • I have not been sponsored to promote any of the products within this post. It is important to note that this post is ADVICE ONLY and if choosing to take supplements or make drastic changes to your diet I strongly advise you consult a doctor. 

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