Skincare for Beginners – Normal


Normal skin is as you’d expect – not dry or oily, no blemishes and a clear complexion.
Note: I don’t believe in normal skin. I have never met anyone who hasn’t got combination skin at minimum, but it’s here anyway!

I *almost* didn’t write this post. Almost.

Because, as I’ve said above, I don’t believe in “normal” skin. I think everyone has some kind of skin characteristics that usually fall into one of the other categories, and normal skin is something I have never come across, except for perhaps on babies!

But, if you are one of these lucky angels blessed with a near flawless complexion with skin that isn’t too oily or too dry or sensitive – then this is the post for you.

Normal skin benefits from having barely visible pores, no blemishes and a soft, radiant complexion. Think of how radiant and glowing you look after a deep cleanse and a good moisturiser – that’s how normal skinned people wake up in the morning!

So this means there should be no need to use any kind of pore strips or harsh exfoliators. Normal skin also responds well to environmental factors, such as temperature or UV exposure. (But still apply sun-block to protect yourself from skin cancer!)

So what would I recommend?

If you have normal skin, your focus should be on keeping it normal. This means using products that are not too harsh or designed for a specific skin type – i.e. don’t be using heavy moisturisers designed for dry skin or astringent face washes designed for oily skin.

You must still maintain a good cleansing regime, and for this I would actually recommend something I’ve currently been using that is actually not drugstore – Glossier.

I wrote a review on the Glossier Phase 1 Set a little while ago after receiving it for Christmas, and I have to say I highly recommend it for all skin types – but I do think it’d actually work very well for normal skin as part of a maintenance regime.

apc_0007Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser (£15) is a mild face wash designed to dissolve makeup and grime. While it doesn’t dissolve makeup as well as you’d expect, it does give your face a good clean while leaving it soft and without that tight feeling you can get from other washes.

How to use:
Splash your face with warm water and massage two pumps of the cleanser into your face in a circular motion. If using to remove makeup (I don’t recommend), apply three pumps to dry skin first, massage in and then wash with warm water.

I think my favourite thing about the Milky Jelly Cleanser is it does not irritate your eyes and is safe to use to remove eye makeup because it contains Poloxamer, the same cleansing agent found in contact lens solution!

Also a little goes a long way, I’ve been using my cleanser twice daily since Christmas Day and it’s not even 1/4 of the way through.

After cleansing with the Milky Jelly Cleanser, it makes sense to use the moisturiser from the Glossier range.
apc_0009The Glossier Priming Moisturiser (£18) is a light, hydrating and buildable moisturiser that absorbs quickly.
This leaves your skin feeling soft, plump and looking dewy and the perfect canvas to apply makeup.

How to use:
Squeeze a small amount onto your fingertips and massage gently upwards into your face. You can add more or use less as you feel necessary.

Glossier claims that this moisturiser is “non-comedogenic” – which, if you read my post on oily skin, you should recognise as the fancy way of saying “it won’t cause blackheads” – i.e. it won’t block your pores. Perfect for those with normal skin who want to maintain it!

apc_0010While I haven’t included lip balms on any of the other skincare guides, it would be remiss of me to leave out the third and final item from the Glossier Phase 1 Set – the Balm Dotcom lip balm (£10).

I won’t go into too much detail, but Balm Dotcom is the ultimate salve for anything. It has a waxy texture so it seals in moisture and you can apply it literally anywhere you might have dry skin. If your lips are chapped or sore, this is perfect to apply overnight to heal and restore moisture. It is also good to use as part of your maintenance regime to keep lips soft and supple.

The Glossier Phase 1 Set includes all three products above for a total of £35, saving you £8, instead of buying each product individually. Balm Dotcom also comes in several flavours and tints so you can find your favourite!

Applying make-up to normal skin
As a lucky person with normal skin, you will find that you can use almost any products and they should all work pretty well.

Depending on the look you’re going for, you can opt for a matte or dewy, low to medium coverage foundation. Due to your complexion, you shouldn’t find it necessary to use a maximum coverage foundation, and should be able to get away easily with using tinted moisturisers. You can apply these with your preferred method of application, but remember to wash any brushes and sponges regularly to avoid build up of bacteria.

For a matte look, I’d recommend a translucent powder to set your make up, applying a little more generously to the t-zone (it will still produce some oil) and chin.
For a dewy look, lightly dust a setting powder over your foundation to set, then spray with a setting spray to reduce the “dusty” look.

You should have no issues with either cream or powder based products, but, personally, if I had normal skin I think I would use as little base make-up as possible and allow my natural skin to glow!

While maintaining a nourishing, moisturising skincare routine, make sure that you are eating plenty of fruits and vegetables and drinking enough water. With normal skin you’re looking to keep it healthy from the source – you!

Eating healthily not only improves your overall health and clarity of your complexion, but can help to balance out hormones and drinking plenty of water helps your liver flush out toxins.

If you live in the north or experience cold, dark winters like we do here in Britain, I also recommend you take a Vitamin D supplement, as we usually absorb this from the sun’s radiation and it can affect our skin if we don’t get enough.
Please consult a doctor before taking Vitamin D supplements. 

When it comes to any particular skin type, it is important to remember that there is no quick fix. You may have to trial several products before you find the one that’s right for you, and this can be a long and disheartening process. But you must stick to it, because it is so worth it once you finally find the regime and products that work for you.

If you have used an alternative product that has worked really well, please recommend it in the comments!

You can find out more about other skin types by visiting the Directory. The directory will be complete by the 28/01/2018.


Note: I have not been sponsored or asked to promote Glossier (I wish!) and all thoughts above are my own.

4 thoughts on “Skincare for Beginners – Normal

    1. Thank you! ☺️ The milky jelly cleanser is really good, the price initially put me off so I asked for it for Christmas and it is worth every penny! Lasts forever too! ☺️ xx


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