Negative Nancy – Wunderbrow

I know it’s not always best to write negative reviews. But I do think that people want to know when a product isn’t as good as everyone’s “saying” it is.
Reason I wrote “saying” is because I feel a lot of the time, certain reviews don’t actually reflect realistically how good the product is.

This review demonstrates why I think this, as it’s a well known brand that people have been raving about, and quite honestly, I don’t understand why.


So unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, you will have heard about Wunderbrow. You will have heard the crazy claims about it’s staying power and watched videos of MUA’s pouring water on their faces to demonstrate how waterproof it is.

During the Black Friday sales, I found Wunderbrow on sale on Amazon for half price. Having wanted to try Wunderbrow out for a while, I bought it, excited for this new miracle eyebrow enhancer that will make my brows look a million dollars and stay put for two days.

When it arrived, I was surprised to find it came with zero instructions on how to apply. And not only that, but packaged with a little plastic spoolie, I was confused as to how on earth I was supposed to get this stuff on my face. The brush within the product is nothing short of the brush you get in a nail varnish, and I’m a little annoyed by the fact that this undoubtedly means there will be at least half the product smeared along the inside of the tube that I’ll never get out because of the shape of the applicator.

That aside, I attempted to apply in three ways:
1. With the brush applicator
2. With the spoolie
3. With an angled brush of my own

With the brush applicator, it was incredibly difficult to spread the product evenly over my brows. I couldn’t get a decent point at the end of my brow, and the product felt heavy and thick. I used the spoolie to attempt to thin this out, and to my surprise the product actually came off. I used an angled brush, scraping a little of the product from the applicator and tried to fill in the gaps the spoolie had left, and even more product came off. I guess that you have to let it dry between layers or something, because there was no way I could apply it and get the same flawless results you see on all these MUA’s.

After a lot of layering and letting it dry a bit and brushing the spoolie through my brows to even it out, this is what I was left with:

You can see there’s a lot of product buildup at the ends, and after wearing this for a day even my boyfriend commented that my brows looked like there was a lot on the ends (and he rarely comments on makeup!)

The actual look is okay, but it took about ten times longer to use this than my usual Eyebrow Pomade by Freedom, that also looks more natural:
Freedom Eyebrow Pomade

So how long did it stay put?
The first time I wore it, it stayed put all day but because it was on so thick, when I washed my face it sort of peeled off in tiny bits in some areas and stuck in others. I couldn’t bare the thought of sleeping with it all stuck to my face like that, so after using every remover I had, including baby oil, I got it all off, but lost a lot of hairs in the process.

The second time I wore it, I put it on more thinly and didn’t have the same buildup on the hairs. However, you know in all those MUA videos they rub their brow with their fingers and it doesn’t come off? That evening, I tried to do the same to demonstrate to my sister that it didn’t budge – and smeared it all down my face.

The third time I just used it like a brow gel on the spoolie after using my regular eyebrow pomade. It held the hairs in place and I removed it with eye makeup remover in the evening. I think this is how I’ll use it from now on so I don’t waste the product, but it seems silly when it claims to be such a brilliant alternative to all the other products on the market.

Ultimately, if you use it and love it, then I’m happy it works for you! But for me it was a huge disappointment after all the hype and videos I’ve seen. Literally the only way it works like it does in those MUA videos is if you apply it like paint, and if you have any hair on your eyebrows it will all be gone afterward! (Maybe that’s how they make more sales?!)

A x

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  1. I don’t really use things like this but well done on writing an genuine product review! It’s so refreshing and good to know your honest opinion. Great job, keep it up! 😘 xx

    Bexa |

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  2. I find a lot of eyebrow tints don’t work well. A lot of the time it makes it look unnatural.


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  3. I never understood the craze. It LOOKED like it would be horrible. Lol

    Great review.

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  4. I own this product and use it everyday. I works great for me and I can do the “ smudge” test that you talked about. I bought the brush from their website and the cleanser too. All of it works great for me .

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    • Like I say in the post, if you use it and love it then I’m happy it works for you! But I’ve tried it multiple times since writing this post to see if it improves and my opinion remains the same. I’ve seen plenty of other people say it doesn’t live up to the hype too, and personally I think there are much better products out there. But each to their own! Glad you’ve found it to live up to expectations ☺️



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