Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Helloooo my lovely followers!

A quick note:

Now I realise that I have had a significant absence over the last couple of weeks, but I promise I am planning on posting more frequently and staying up to date soon.

To cut a (very) long story short, I lost my job at the start of October and started a new one toward the end of November, so after 6 weeks of being a house wife, and due to the fact I am awful when it comes to change, the adjustment has been something of significance.

After two weeks, I am beginning to feel adjusted; the early mornings don’t seem so difficult anymore and I’m wanting to take naps in the afternoon a lot less than before. I have Christmas off, so I imagine by January I’ll feel fully back into the swing of things and can get myself organised.

Back to the post!

Now today won’t be a beauty post (sorry!) but I do have a couple of items I’m planning on reviewing, I just want to test them fully first! You may or may not will definitely have heard about the snow that’s been hitting the UK over the past few days. Here’s a thing you might not know about Britain – we absolutely, 100% suck at coping with any amount of snow. It doesn’t even have to be significant, a cm or two here and there (that about an inch to you imperial users) and the whole country grinds to a halt, with schools closing and authorities warning people not to leave the house unless absolutely necessary.

This may seem a tad ridiculous to those of you who deal with knee deep snow annually, and deal with it by using snow chains, plows and huge 4×4 trucks. But, we don’t regularly experience snow anymore – this was the first significant fall (10cm/4″) we’ve experienced as far south as my city in 7 years, and with our emergency services stretched, it makes sense to keep people indoors unless they really, really have to leave.

So you can imagine that many of us were quite relieved that today’s snow fell on a Sunday!

Although I realise a lot of people work on Sundays (I’ve been there, you’re all saints), I think many parents were thankful they didn’t have to find emergency childcare with school closures and I myself had a wonderful day enjoying the snow with my partner, instead of sat in the office watching it fall and wishing I could enjoy it.

I’ve always loved snow, ever since I was very little, and even today, despite the disruption it can cause and the fact that offices don’t have snow days anywhere near as often as schools… It’s just beautiful.

I love the fact that everything is muffled and quieter, that the whole place glitters and looks so bright and clean. It makes me feel like a kid, all excited to throw snowballs and build snowmen. It’s romantic and it’s exciting and it makes me feel all festive, especially when it falls before Christmas!

The only downside is it’s never deep enough! Unless I move further north, it’s unlikely I’ll ever experience being snowed in or needing to shovel the driveway. But it’s enjoyable nonetheless, and I’ve had a fully wintry, wonderful day.

A x

4 thoughts on “Walking in a Winter Wonderland

  1. Not deep enough? We had snow that came half way up your calf! You’re right, us Westeners can’t deal with snow. But it does make for some amazing photos!


    1. This was the snow we had back in December. The snow we’ve had this week has been about 8” and the snow drifts have been 2-3ft deep! We definitely can’t deal with snow, couldn’t even get off my drive yesterday!


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