Tan out of Ten


Now those who know me are well aware that I am as pale as a ghost and I most certainly never have my legs out. Even in the summer I stick to 3/4 leggings and my shins don’t even lose their pastiness.

Having not been abroad for over 13 years either, I’ve not even had the opportunity to get that summer glow from wandering around sunny beaches and swimming in villa pools. And we all know what the UK weather is like..

So when I attend any kind of event where I’m wearing a dress, I turn to my trusty natural tan tights to make my vampire skin less obvious, and I’ve never once considered using any kind of fake tan or sunbed.

When I was contacted about Tan out of Ten, I was a little concerned that my lack of experience in the self-tan department would mean my review would be dreadful and my results would be super streaky.

I was pleasantly surprised.

Tan out of Ten claim to use a streak-free formula in their self-tan lotion, which I was always skeptical of, because surely it was all in the application no?

After receiving the samples, I read up on how to prep my legs for tanning, and went ahead with all the exfoliating and shaving and making sure my legs were silky smooth and ready to go. I applied an oil-free moisturising lotion all over my legs and twice on my knees and ankles, to stop my dried out skin slurping up the tanning lotion and becoming patchy.

I was all prepped and ready to tan when I had the horrible realisation that as a non-self-tanner, I did not own a tanning mit. I scoured the net for an alternative, and after coming across several definite no’s (clingfilm?? Really??) I found a genius piece of advice that recommended using a fluffy bed sock instead. Figuring that my stash of Christmas bed socks would be plentiful minus one pair, I picked up a sock, popped a latex glove on (self-tan leaks through said sock) and began applying the tanning lotion.

I found the application very easy, the lotion smelled lovely, not the usual “biscuit” smell people usually associate with self-tan, and by applying upwards in circles as per the instructions (and following internet advice to do knees and ankles last!) I found it went on evenly and didn’t look too bad! I did find it streaked a little, but I definitely think that was due to the sock fibres, not the lotion itself.

I hovered about in the bathroom waiting for it to dry, and once dry I applied a light dusting of baby powder to the back of my knees as recommended by the tinterwebs. This apparently stops dark creases forming from self-tan build up. It worked!

Now, when I was offered the samples, I didn’t get to pick the shade. I was sent medium, and when I first applied it was a little worried about how dark it was going to develop. Tan out of Ten recommends leaving it to develop for 4-8 hours, so I left it on for just under 5, and I think that was about right for me. After washing off the residue, this is what I was left with!

Now, while I realise that not look like much of a tan, when you put it next to my original pasty whites, you’ll see the huge difference:

I absolutely loved the results. I really expected to have legs that resembled wotsits after using self-tan, I think I’ve always avoided using it purely for that reason. But after using Tan out of Ten I genuinely have changed my mind about the stuff. While I don’t expect I’ll be using it on a regular basis, I do think I’ll look to get some during the summer for when it’s far too hot for leggings!

A x

You can find more information about Tan out of Ten on Technic’s website here: http://techniccosmetics.com/products/tan-out-of-ten/

Disclaimer: All opinions are 100% honest and my own. Although I received samples from Tan out of Ten, I have not been sponsored to provide a positive review of the product. If you are interested in Tan out of Ten, you can currently purchase it from Xtras, Amazon, Boohoo, Fragrance Direct and GlitterStore.*

*Supplier information correct at time of publication

Note: photos were taken by me and are filter free.

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