Guest Blogger LoneTeenTraveller: 6 Beauty Travel Essentials

It’s safe to say my 3 month adventure around south east Asia and Oceania taught me a lot, for example, how to ride a scooter, cook authentic Indonesian food and speak Malay like a native (well I wish…). But I think one of the most important things I learnt was the value of good packing, sorting the essentials from the heavy useless space fillers, trust me you don’t want to be lugging around anything that’s not needed. Like an idiot I basically packed my entire wardrobe, house and two cats into my giant backpack, and, I kid you not, 2 days into travelling I cut my number of clothes in half. It was a brutal separation, but it had to be done. Believe it or not, I actually didn’t need my full-size straighteners or 4th giant eye shadow palette! I know, what a shocker. So, in an attempt to stop you from making the same mistakes I did, I’m going to share my 6 beauty travel essentials.

Baby wipes/Make up wipes:

These will literally be your life savers, and not just for taking your makeup of at 3 in the morning when you’re stumbling back to your hostel looking like a mess (although probably then too). You will use them for everything, dirty elephant toilets, hostels with no toilet paper, gross handles and sometimes even impromptu showers. I remember one day in Thailand, after spending 14 hours on the most sweaty, uncomfortable train, going into a grimy gas station toilet and just covering myself in baby wipes. I swear I’ve never been so thankful for the invention of the baby wipe in my entire life.


Sunscreen & Moisturising face cream:

An obvious. At least I thought it was until my friend showed up next to my bed looking like a legit tomato and complaining of severe sunstroke. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone so red in my life. If you’re going somewhere tropical I would definitely recommend getting factor 50, you might think it’ll ruin your tan or leave you with gross white cream streaks, but I promise you, you’ll be thanking me later when everyone else looks like they’ve been to the sun and you look like a model. Face cream is so important for long plane journeys. After spending 51 hours (Yep 51…) on planes and in airports on my flight back from Australia, I realised that face cream is an essential. It not only combats the intense drying effect you get in planes, but also helps you relax and feel slightly cleaner (although after 51 hours there’s no winning). I took the ‘Clinique Moisture Surge’ and absolutely loved it.

Tinted moisturiser & A mascara:

I’m going to put these under one as the makeup category. I would opt for a tinted moisturiser, with spf of at least 15, instead of a heavy foundation. I found it sat better on my skin in the sweaty heat and was so easy to apply. You may think you’re going to get up early and do some immaculate fancy makeup but trust me, you won’t. You’ll wake up 10 minutes before you have to get on a bus, or train, looking like a sweaty mess and silently hoping a snowstorm might hit, just so you can feel the cold again. Mascara is always a must, simple and easy to apply. I took the ‘Shiseido perfect hydrating BB cream’ as it has SPF 30, is super hydrating, and comes in the tiniest little tube. Although small it’s lasted me way over the three months, a small amount goes a long way.

A non-plastic water bottle:

You’re going to get dehydrated, it’s just a fact. Everyone will tell you a million timed to drink more water, and it’ll still happen. It’s kind of one of those things that has to be done so you can actually learn from it. I learnt this the hard way after walking a few kms into town to buy some boat tickets, only to almost keel over in the middle of the street and require someone to pick me up on their scooter and take me home. I was so dehydrated I couldn’t even tell if I was actually holding on to the person in front of me. Needless to say, take a bottle and refill it regularly. Plastic bottles start to small more quickly with the heat and have a horrible taste. I would recommend metal, it also helps to keep water cold.

Lip balm:

This goes alongside the dehydration point above. If it’s hot and dry your lips will most likely get chapped and gross. You could also take a lip balm with spf if you want to be really safe, but honestly, it’s not essential. I took the ‘Khiels Lip Balm #1’ which soothes but also plumps lips slightly too, I found it perfect for where I was going. I also love the fact this brand is cruelty free and made of natural products.

Mini shampoo, conditioner & body wash:

You won’t want to be carrying heavy shampoos and conditioners, so I would definitely suggest buying travel sizes even if your bag is going into hold. I don’t tend to like the ones you buy at the airport so if there’s a particular brand you like I would see if they do small options before you leave. I bought the Lush travel sized ‘Rehab’ shampoo, ‘Happy Happy Joy Joy’ conditioner and ‘Ro’s Argan’ body wash. They were the perfect size and in great bottles that didn’t create a shampoo explosion on the plane.

Happy travels,

Meera x

About the author:

Hey I’m Meera, a 19 year old double Gap yearer who basically has no idea what she’s doing with her life. I love to write about travel, fashion and lifestyle on my blog LoneTeenTraveller. So if you’re interested, or, like me, you’re just feeling a little lost go have a little wonder around my blog.

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