Soap & Glory


So last Christmas, my partners mum bought me Soap & Glory’s “The Whole Glam Lot”, which included 10 of S&G’s most popular products in a large tin suitcase, and within the first 6 months I had happily made my way through the lot, slathering myself in beautifully scented lotions and scrubs daily.

A few of the items were so good, I had to treat myself again. Find my reasons why below!

Smoothie Star
Growing up, Soap & Glory had always seemed like such a grown up brand, that only my mum would use after being gifted it on her birthdays and at Christmas. Ignoring their existence for most of my teens, I opted for The Body Shop’s coconut body butters and Boots own-branded scrubs, feeling rather sophisticated (despite not really knowing why I used them).
Then one birthday, I was introduced to the Righteous Butter (which is included in pretty much every single one of their gift sets) and I suddenly realised I had been missing out on some pretty good stuff. Eventually, through numerous gift sets, I accumulated more tubs of Righteous Butter than any normal person should ever own, and I have to admit I have thrown out several half used tubs due to them being open for so long, they had to be months past their expiry.

Last year, I was given the opportunity to try a different moisturiser to their infamous Righteous Butter. Smoothie Star Body Milk.

As a huge fan of anything nut, cocoa or vanilla scented, I was excited to try it out, and boy, I was not disappointed. I now routinely use this, and constantly smell like a cross between freshly baked cookies and the sweetest cupcakes.

The only con to this moisturiser is that it is a deep moisturiser and so can feel quite heavy and takes a while to absorb. Most definitely a before bedtime moisturiser, so you can waddle around waiting for it to sink in before putting your PJ’s on!

Hand Food
Anyone who knows me is well aware of my hand washing obsession. In fact, it’s so bad I’ve even had to wash my hands after just watching my friend clean up some spoiled casserole. You could complain it’s a bad thing, but ultimately I don’t get ill often because of it, so it’s not OCD, it’s just good hygiene!

However, this hand washing obsession means that I often have dry, sore, cracked hands, and my cuticles often split and end up quite painful. But, Soap and glory have come up with a combat to my consistent cleaning – Hand Food!

A floral scented, super hydrating hand cream, I particularly like to slather on of an evening and sit around with my hands elevated like some weird statue, not touching a thing until it’s absorbed. It cures my dry hands and leaves them soft and supple. It even works on my partners hands, and he’s a mechanic, so it really is a miracle in a tube!

Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Gloss
Now, aside from loving the name of this gloss, it’s one of the few plumping glosses I really love. Most either don’t work at all, or make it look like a swarm of bees has attacked your lips, so I was pleasantly surprised with the results of this gloss.

When I use it, I actually don’t leave it on very often, I tend to pop it on while I’m getting ready and then wipe it off before applying a lipstick or matte lipgloss, as I much prefer a matte colour than high gloss. It does the trick though, the formula makes your lips tingle rather than sting or feel uncomfortable, and the result is lovely plump lips!

Thick and Fast Mascara
So this is a high-definition collagen mascara that has a decent sized brush and is easy to apply. Unfortunately, Maybelline’s Lash Sensational (see my last post) has replaced this as my go-to mascara, but I don’t feel either one is any better than the other, as they both work incredibly well, and while Lash Sensational goes on quite thick with one coat, I like the fact that you build up definition with Thick and Fast, creating a false-lash look without the need to accidentally glue your finger to your eyelid. (No? Just me? Okay then!)

There were many other products I really did love from the Whole Glam Lot, including a facial moisturiser called Speed Plump, which was lovely and smoothing, and The Scrub Of Your Life, which is excellent for elbows and knees, but they haven’t quite managed to replace my favourites like the above selection has!

Have you got a favourite S&G product? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

A x

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